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Healthiest Foods

We'll spotlight some extra special foods that are known for their healthy giving qualities. Some are especially good at providing greater immunity or recovery from illness, while others have their own qualities and should be a part of every diet for those who want to be healthy, happy and beautiful!

home made yogurt

Yogurt - Dairy's Miracle Food

Share this...18000For centuries, mankind has been fermenting dairy products for a variety of reasons including the fact that fermented milk will last longer than fresh milk in conditions where refrigeration is not possible. Yogurt (also spelled yoghurt) is no exception and has been used in many cultures through the ages. One of the benefits of…

Cabbage - Cancer Prevention And Other Health Benefits

Share this...3000 Cabbage Is Loaded With Nutrients Ah, the lowly cabbage – it is often associated with the Irish who were poor and often lived on cabbage, potatoes, fish and the odd corned beef dinner and yet  is one of the healthiest and most economical foods you can eat.  It turns out that this vegetable…

Garlic - Love It Or Loath It, It's Healthy!

Share this...19000 Garlic – A Superfood Garlic has been in use as both a food and a medicine around the world for over 6,000 years.  Due to its odor as well as the ability to cause what some feel is horrible bad breath after being eaten, it is loathed by some, yet loved by many…
Salba Seeds

Salba - Nature's "Perfect Food?" Heart & Diabetic Help

Salba is a powerhouse of nutrition, and compared to other foods, contains more antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids than many others. For example, one serving of salba contains 3,050 mg of Omega-3′s while a 3 oz serving of baked Atlantic salmon contains 1,564 mg of Omega-3′s. By weight, it also contains 25% more fiber than flax seeds, which have been highly recommended to individuals that need more fiber in their diet.

An Apple A Day To Keep The Doctor Away

"An apple a day will keep the doctor away" is an old saying that has much truth to it, according to science. Apples have cancer prevention built into them, as well as the ability to lower oxidized LDL, and may also help to prevent dementia later in life if you eat them regularly.
maca powder

Is Maca Really A Superfood?

Maca has not been studied thoroughly in clinical trials, but there is evidence that it could be helpful for reducing anxiety while increasing memory and learning ability, increased energy and as a libido booster. High in a number of nutrients, it is a very safe food to consume either in its dry powder or flour form, or as a supplement in capsules.
dried beans

Health Benefits Of Beans - (Legumes, Pulses)

The health benefits of regularly consuming beans include reduced risk of a variety of diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Find out more about the "poor man's meat" and why you should consider making them a regular part of your diet.

Kale - Amazing Health Benefits Of This Brassica

Sales of this leafy vegetable have increased dramatically in recent years as more people learn about the health benefits of kale. It is now seen as a veggie that has "super food" status. Find out about the amazing nutritional value of this vegetable and why you should consider adding it to your diet on a regular basis.

The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is becoming more popular and for very good reasons. There are a number of medical benefits of using this oil in it's unrefined state for weight loss, as an antioxidant, a libido enhancer and an antibiotic. It may even be helpful for the prevention of Alzheimer’s. Find out why you want to consider adding coconut oil to your diet and why some doctors advise that this is the only oil to cook or fry with.
fermenting garlic with oregano

Fermented Foods

Do you know that right now, inside you, are living millions of bacteria? There are both good and bad bacteria and there are ways to increase the number of good ones which will cause the bad bacteria to not be able to thrive. This means better health and less chance of disease and illness. Find out how consuming more fermented food can help improve your health and stave off disease.
fresh beet roots

Why You Should Eat Your Beets

Beets are truly an amazing food with many health properties. From reducing blood pressure almost immediately, to cancer prevention, and treating or preventing fatty liver disease, there is much research indicating everyone would benefit from adding more beets to their diet. Its unique fiber is associated with reduced risk of colon cancer, and the nitrates that beets contain may even help men with erectile dysfunction (ED). Find out why you may want to consider eating up more beets, just like mom used to tell you.
asparagus spears

Health Benefits of Asparagus - Add This To Your Diet

Asparagus may be one of the best vegetables to eat regularly due to its wonderful vitamin and mineral profile. Being an excellent source of a variety of minerals and vitamins, and along with its quantities of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, it is an extremely healthy vegetable and may have cancer prevention qualities along with the prevention of other illnesses. Find out more about why you should add more asparagus to your diet.

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