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Tips To Control Acne

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Many people have the incorrect idea that acne only strikes teenagers and then disappears. While this is often the case, many adults struggle with acne. Sometimes it remains a chronic condition while other adults have period outbreaks that they find embarrassing and unsightly.

There is also an incorrect notion among some that acne is a sign of poor personal hygiene. While hygiene can be a factor in controlling and reducing acne, acne is not necessarily caused by poor hygiene. According to MedicineNet, there can be several factors that can cause and induce acne outbreaks. The biggest cause is when hormones begin to let loose in the body at the time of puberty, and oil glands are stimulated. The oil or sebum that is produced end up in hair follicles in the skin, which then results in acne.

Some of the things that can cause acne or make it worse include environmental. Some occupations where there is exposure to greasy and oily surfaces are known to cause the problem. Steroidal drugs such as prednisone can also bring it on, as can pressure against the skin, pressure from chin straps of bike helmets for a prolonged period of time. Makeup products are also suspected of acne inducing periods and if you are one who suffers from acne and wear makeup, look for water based products.

So what we can we do when we get an outbreak of pimples or zits? One of the first things you should refrain from doing is picking at it! Some people find this hard to resist for a number of reasons, including a desire to have some relief from the pressure that a zit or pimple can often inflict. However, popping or picking at your zits will generally cause the problem to last longer and may also put you art risk for infection.

You should also get into the regular habit of cleaning your skin at least twice a day with a mild cleanser. This can help to clear away any buildup of sebum and helps to keep hair follicles open.

Try using saltwater on your skin. Saltwater has some amazing properties for a variety of things, and there are acne sufferers who report that when they are on holidays and swim daily in saltwater, their acne often clears up.

For extreme cases, you may need to see a dermatologist. While you may be prescribed an ointment or cream that contains clindamycin, there are some exciting research that shows that a topical application of a medication that contains a form of the B Vitamin niacin, might even be just as or more effective. Ask your doctor about Nicomide.

Creams that are made with argan oil as an ingredient have also been proven to be helpful in removing sebum and clearing up acne.

If you do suffer from acne, don’t stress about it. Just about everyone from time to time has had outbreaks of it, and it usually clears up. Stressing out over acne puts a burden on your mind, and we want to focus on happiness, even when we may be bothered by some zits.

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