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Healthy Recipes

Recipes for healthy and happy living! We'll add more to this section and reader submissions are invited.

Ginger/Turmeric Tea - Combine The Healthy Benefits Of Both

We know that both ginger and turmeric have some amazing health benefits that are not only claimed by naturopaths and traditional healers, science is proving that many of the claims are true.  Why not combine the two into one very tasty tea that your whole family might enjoy? Our preference is to use fresh ginger…

Caesar Salad Dressing

Caesar salad dressing generally makes use of ingredients that are good for you. The correct oil to use in this dressing is olive oil, which has proven health benefits and is rich in monosaturated fats. Replacing saturated fat with monosaturated is a heart healthy thing to do.
oregano plant

Healthy Benefits Of Oregano Tea With Recipe

Oregano tea (tisane) recipes are not standardized, but according to science, can help lower cholesterol levels and perhaps have other benefits too, due to the flavenoid content. It may also help a number of other conditions including menstrual pain, headache, sore throat and more.
kale blueberry smoothy

Kale Blueberry Smoothy Recipe

Many people find the taste of raw kale to be unpleasant and therefore miss out on its amazing health benefits. However, there are ways to get the health benefits of this vegetable in the form of a delicious smoothy with the addition of frozen blueberries, also a healthy superfood in its own right!
adrenal cocktail

Adrenal Cocktail - Three Simple Ingredients Could Help You

Many people have found that this simple cocktail consisting of orange juice, cream of tartar and Himalayan salt have helped cure them of a variety of frustrating symptoms, including insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks and more. Those who often "hit the wall" in the afternoon may be suffering from a cortisol switch/flip and adrenal support which helps to replenish minerals in the body, is often the answer.

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