Healthy, Happy, Beautiful

Who doesn’t want to be all of these at the same time? When one feels happy and healthy, their radiance shines through in a beautiful way. When we are feeling both happy and beautiful, we literally generate chemicals in our brains and body that help to keep us healthy. And then we’re motivated to maintain that health.

When we feel beautiful and healthy, we know a good positive attitude about ourselves along with healthy habits go a long way to keeping us happy!

Sometimes, we need a little help though in all three areas, so we’ll provide tips for all the members of the family, the ladies, the men and the children to help enhance that healthy, happy and beautiful state of mind which has positive benefits for us physically as well.

We’ll take a look at new products, research and even some old products and research that might have been forgotten about, that might help you stay or get healthy, happy and beautiful.

Nutrition, life choices and healthy habits all go along way to keeping us all…..

Healthy! Happy! Beautiful!

Recent Articles

plate of oysters

Foods Rich In Zinc

In order to increase zinc intake, the best way is through dietary sources. Here are some of the best sources of this important and essential mineral along with some suggestions for vegetarians who are quite possibly deficient in zinc.

A zinc deficiency can lead to health problems while ensuring you are getting adequate amounts every day can help to prevent illness.

NOW Brand Zinc Gluconate

Do I Need A Zinc Supplement?

Zinc is an essential mineral and a deficiency can lead to some severe physical problems. While many of us get enough through our diet, find out if you are at risk for not getting enough zinc on a daily basis, and what you may want to do if you’re not. If you are a vegetarian, you may be especially at risk of a zinc deficiency.

dandelion root kills cancer

Dandelion Root – Cure For Cancer?

All parts of the dandelion including the herb and the root have been used in traditional medicines for centuries. Today however, there is some evidence that an extract from the dandelion root may have the power to kill some cancers outright! Most trials up to now have been conducted on mice and in the lab, but finally there are clinical human trials scheduled with cancer patients. Find out more!

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